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It is the largest organization providing legal assistance to business immigrants in Lithuania
Free support is provided by professional lawyers with experience in this field
The biggest leader, actively representing the interests of the Lithuanian business immigrants


The economic growth of the Republic of Lithuania - that's the main goal of our association!

Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania often emigrate to other EU countries, as well as foreigners immigrate to Lithuania.

So there is a natural regulation of the population. If emigration will greatly exceed immigration, economic and social crisis in the country can happen, and our goal is not to let it happen.

We set a goal
Free legal help and protection to immigrants
We set a goal
Popularization and development programs
We set a goal
Development and making suggestions to improve legislation
We set a goal
The fight against illegal immigration


Business immigration to Lithuania is legal and easy! VITPA knows all about the process and is ready to help you. Our organization will provide free legal help.

We are fighting with illegal immigration and its negative consequences for immigrants. Don't become a victim of fraud! Consult us and you will get answers to all the questions.

Legal information To get residence permit To business immigrants

Help to business immigrants

If you have residence permit, but there are any problems  with it - contact us and we will try to help! ...

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Association of Legal help to business immigrants is always open for cooperation! We can combine our efforts to reach common goals.

We cooperate with other non-profit organizations in an effort to regulate the sphere of immigration in the Republic of Lithuania.

We cooperate with leading media, we share interesting facts, statistics and good material for articles.

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