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In the manifesto we voiced our goals, outlined the vision of Lithuania's economic growth.


The economic growth of the Republic of Lithuania - that's the main goal of our association!


 Principles of association

All actions performed by associations to achieve its goals, governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Result of activity as well as  the main purpose of the association is the economic growth of the Republic of Lithuania.

Our goals

1. Promotion and development of the Business Immigration Program

2. Free legal assistance and protection of business rights of immigrants

3. The fight against illegal immigration

4. Development and making suggestions to improve legislation


What for  "VITPA" was founded?

Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania often emigrate* to other EU countries, as well as foreigners immigrate** to Lithuania. So there is a natural regulation of the population.

*Emigration - relocation from one country to another for economic, political and personal reasons. It is indicated with respect to the country from which you emigrate.

**Immigration - the entry of the population of one country (the state) to another for a temporary or permanent residence, considered in relation to the country where immigrants enter.

We want to stop the emigration! This benefits to our Lithuania!

If emigration will greatly exceed the immigration to happen economic and social crisis in the country, and our goal - to not let that happen!

We support the actions of the Lithuanian government, aimed at creating jobs for the citizens of Lithuania foreign companies - is one way to reduce the flow of emigration by creating jobs for the citizens of Lithuania.

We can not convince everyone of Lithuanians do not look for a job abroad, but we are unable to attract foreign capital, help create jobs for the citizens of Lithuania and thereby compensate for the economic losses from emigration.

We are for business immigration! It can benefit to our Lithuania!

Not all immigrants who come to Lithuania are businessmen. The legislation provides several programs for obtaining a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania. Business Immigration Program is one of them.

In simple words, business immigration - is, first of all, the an influx of foreign capital, in particular  rich people, whose money  operate on the Lithuanian economy.

We are against to the fictitious immigration! It is not beneficial to our Lithuania!

But there are other immigration programs such as "volunteering". According to this program foreigners  from economically underdeveloped countries get a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania, intending to work in Lithuania for free! - But we don't believe!

 We will help you for free! This benefits our Lithuania!

Before to opt for business immigration program, it is necessary to examine the legislation concerning the situation of foreign persons in the Republic of Lithuania, to assess potential, economic and other risks and only then start the search for partners, and clearance.

You can apply for a free consultation and find all necessary information here:

Migration Department at the following address: Vilnius, Naugarduko g. 100

Website Migration Department:

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